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The Parish Council has concerns over the road access to the new development at Harvest House on the A1066.  It asked a representative of Highways to attend a meeting to explain and justify the proposed vehicular access but that request was refused. A written response can be read by clicking here >

Throwing litter out of your vehicle could now land you with a £150 fine, which is 50% more than the £100 you could be charged if you were caught speeding. The fine not only applies to drivers but also to passengers who litter, however it will be the driver who is sent the penalty notice to pay.
This new fine increase came into force on April 1st, 2018 and it can be charged on the spot or retrospectively with video evidence. It aims to deter people from littering and decrease a form of anti-social behaviour, which is having such devastating effects across the country’s highways.
Government crackdown on littering

The Government have decided to tackle the litter problem which can be found across the country by increasing the maximum fine from £80 to £150 starting from the 1st of April 2018. However, this comes with fears that councils struggling with funding may use this new fine to make money through hiring private firms to pursue those who have offended. The fact that this new littering fine is more than the current speeding fine shows just how seriously the Government is taking it, and should really encourage people to stop littering and simply use bins instead. In line with this, at major service stations and motorway services, new bins with much wider openings are being rolled out so that people can drop litter into them from their cars. The fine can be charged on the spot to anyone seen dropping litter, or throwing it from their car windows, and includes emptying car ashtrays onto the roads or pavements, or discarding food and drink wrappers out of the vehicle rather than waiting to use a bin. In addition to this, motorists are being asked to share dashcam footage if they capture other drivers or their passengers throwing litter out of a car so that they can be tracked down and issued with a fine retrospectively. As well as the Police, Community Support Officers, the Environment Agency, and conservation area officials will be able to fine those spotted littering, although ministers have urged that the fines are issued fairly following some unnecessarily harsh actions in the past. For example, a lady was recently threatened with a £75 fine for tipping a stone out of her shoe which is completely unreasonable, and serious thought needs to be put into the fine before it is issued. Fines cannot be given to anyone under the age of 10, and the minimum penalty is currently £50 although this will be rising to £65 in April 2019.

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Why littering needs to stop
In a Government study, over 80% of the public stated that they supported higher fines for littering as cleaning up this rubbish costs around £700 million per year, which takes a big chunk out of the budget required to keep the road network well maintained.
Environment Minister Therese Coffey hopes that the increased fine will help to tackle anti-social behaviour by targeting those throwing litter out of a vehicle, or dropping it as they are walking.
Not only is littering costing councils’ money, but it also has a very negative effect on the environment as it can contaminate natural water sources, harm wildlife, attract vermin, and facilitates the breeding of bacteria, which is why it is important that people take notice of this new fine, refrain from littering in the future, or report anyone they see littering if they have video evidence to prove it.
How to prevent littering
The best way to ensure that you do not litter from your car, and avoid the potential £150 fine, is to invest in a car bin or always have a plastic bag to hand which can be used to keep rubbish in until you get to your destination.
You should also make your passengers aware that they should not throw litter from the car as this could also mean that you end up getting fined, especially young children who cannot be fined themselves but may not understand the consequences of their actions if they do discard rubbish out of the car windows.
Whenever you stop the car for a break on a long journey or at your end destination take the litter out with you and dispose of it. As mentioned earlier, some service stations now have wide-mouthed bins so you don’t even need to leave the vehicle to dispose of the litter.

Hyperfast broadband (1,000 megabits per second) is now a reality in Scole village courtesy of BA4N and a small number of volunteers.  BA4N have issued an open invitation for any interested parties to visit Scole Community Centre on Friday evenings between 7 and 10pm to talk with the volunteers and technicians and see the system in action. You can even take your laptop and try the download speeds for yourself. Scole Community Centre, Ransome Avenue, Scole IP21 4EA
The Parish Council is aware that large parts of the parish suffer from intermittent and /or slow broadband service and that BT have no plans or intention to improve on the current position. We contacted B4RN, a non-profit community benefit society who are supporting the installation of superfast broadband across rural areas of Norfolk , to establish the possibility of providing superfast broadband across this parish. B4RN require sufficient confirmed interest from householders, businesses, local volunteers and investors before they will commit to a project. Costs are difficult to estimate but for 100 households will be in the region of £120,000 and the level of investment needs to match the estimated overall cost. Investments in community benefit societies  qualify for HMRC’s Enterprise Investment Scheme incentive of a 30% tax rebate. There is a minimum period of 3 years before the investment can be withdrawn or interest is payable on it. If the investment can be found then a steering committee is created to identify landowners and obtain wayleave permission to bury the fibre tubes across their land. The fibre tubes are laid by local volunteers under the guidance of B4RN. B4RN charge a one off connection fee of £150 per property and £30 per month for 1,000 megabits per second (compared with 24-80 megabits per second from other providers). If you are interested in receiving superfast broadband from B4RN and / or investing in this parish’s broadband network then please register your interest at https://b4rn.org.uk/b4rn-service/charges/ under “B4RN East Anglia Area”.

Become a member by providing your address and contact details and help to make Bressingham and Fersfield parish safer. Contact the scheme co-ordinator, Michelle Lanchester, telephone 01379 688109 or 07824515801 or email:- michelle.lanchester@gmail.com

BRESSINGHAM & DISTRICT LADIES CLUB - change of speaker for May!!!
Monday 21st May 7.30 Bressingham Village Hall
Wendy Keeble 'Turn Right when the Butter Melts - tales of 7 years at sea!
Non-members and men very welcome!
Free for members, £3 for non-members

We are always looking for new ideas on the committee, so now is your chance to put yourself forward as a committee member. Do feel free to chat to us if you are considering it. 

Our meetings give everyone a chance to catch up with friends or make new ones over refreshments at the end. Guests are welcome and despite the title of our club, men are allowed.  (£3 for non-members) - Do come and meet us – we are everso friendly!

Click here to see our 2018/19 Programme of Speakers and list of Committee Members

Here's another great recipe from Sharon Cole

LEMON CREAMS - Serves 4-6
397g (1 can) Carnation Condensed milk
150ml (¼ pt) Double cream
Finely grated zest & juice of 4 large un-waxed lemons (about 150ml)

To serve:
1tbsp fresh mint leaves
Squeeze of lemon juice
1 teaspoon sugar
Lemon zest
Fine biscuits
Beat the cream until forming softly whipped peaks - Combine the lemon zest, and juice with the condensed milk, the mixture should thicken. Fold the whipped cream into the condensed milk mixture until combined. Spoon the lemon cream into six small dishes, or wine glasses and chill until ready to serve.
To serve: very finely chop the mint leaves, and mix with a squeeze of lemon juice, and sugar.
(Pound to a sauce with a pestle and mortar if you have one). Add a teaspoon of the sweet mint sauce to each dish and serve curls of lemon zest and fine biscuits. Click here to download & print the recipe >

Bressingham Steam & Gardens
Local resident's discount of 20% off a 1-3 person season ticket or 30% off a 4+ person from the same local address. Claim your discount by showing proof of residence (eg a recent utility bill) when buying your tickets. Visit their website for more information >

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The Bressingham Church Restoration Blog is about the Heritage Lottery Funded repair works to the church which began on 2 May 2017. Use the direct link to the Church Blog on our top menu to read all about what's happening or click here >

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Norfolk Record Office have year-round events that are well worth attending. Refreshments included. For information and to book a seat, call  01603 222599 or www.archives.norfolk.gov.uk/events. To sign up for Norfolk Record Office newsletters, contact: norfolkcc@public.govdelivery.com

Sat 19
Sun 20
  FLOWER FESTIVAL in Bressingham Church, 10-5pm Saturday and 10-1pm Sunday
Sun 20   Service of Thanksgiving for the restoration of Bressingham Church roof, led by the Bishop of Norwich
Mon 21   Ladies Club - change of speaker - Wendy Keeble 'Turn Right when the Butter Melts - tales of 7 years at sea! Village Hall 19.30 - (Non Members Welcome £3.00) 
2-3rd   Blooming Bressingham & Fragrant Fersfield Open Gardens
Tue 12   Afternoon Club 2- 4pm
Sun 8   "STAYING ALIVE" Fun day event in aid of East Anglian Air Ambulance & First Responders - HELP NEEDED
Tue 17   Afternoon Club 2- 4pm
Thu 19   7.15 pm - Bressingham Village Hall - talk by Stella Taylor on the "Wild flowers of East Anglia". Coffee and Cake to follow. Tickets £5 available from Jan on 688340 or from Alan in the Shop.
Tue 14   Afternoon Club 2- 4pm
Tue 11   Afternoon Club 2- 4pm
Tue 9   Afternoon Club 2- 4pm
Tue 13   Afternoon Club 2- 4pm
Tue 11   Afternoon Club - Xmas party
The weather was kind to us on the morning of Saturday 12 May, when a considerable number of people attended St Andrew's Plant, Craft and Cake Sale. The marquee was full of super plants, flower and vegetable, and delicious cakes and beautiful crafts were available inside the church, where refreshments were also served. The event has so far raised a marvellous £960.00 towards the church's restoration fund (recently boosted by a generous grant from Norfolk Churches' Trust). Considerable thanks are due to Sally, Sharon, Shirley, and all their great team, and all those who baked, grew, worked, crafted, photographed and supported to achieve such a successful outcome......and, have you noticed?  The scaffolding is at last up around the east end of St. Andrew's! Photos by John Walker.
from Kay Brock
We always welcome new members to our Club—we DO NOT sit and knit all afternoon.  We have a very wide selection of games to play (good way of making new friends) and we also have meals out and trips during the warmer months. We have started a scrabble competition which will last all year, it's an aggregate score so it doesn't matter if you miss one or two months. Watch this space for further events. We like to think we provide an outlet for those in the community who spend a lot of their time on their own. PLEASE come along and give us a try - first session is free. More especially if you know of someone who would benefit from a couple of hours in good company please encourage them to come along. For more information telephone Kay or Reg on 01379 688331 or email kayhbrock@gmail.com and watch below for all our events.
May 24   Visit to Knettishall Heath, bring your own picnic and if you would like a gentle stroll through the woods
June 12   Afternoon Club 2 - 4 pm
June 19   Lunch at the Golf Club details later
July 10   NO CLUB MEETING - MOVED TO THE 17th July
July 17   Afternoon Club 2 - 4 pm
Aug 14   All day Coach trip to Southwold & Aldeborough 9.30 to 5.00 ish - Approx £15.00
Sept 11   Afternoon Club 2 - 4 pm
Sept 25   Afternoon Club Lunch at the Golf Club details later - (This is in place of the Open Afternoon)
Oct 9   Afternoon Club 2 - 4 pm
Nov 13   Afternoon Club 2 - 4 pm
Dec 11   Afternoon Club - Xmas party

Click here to email Jackie
YOGA - Mon 9.30-11.00 am - Bressingham Village Hall
Hatha yoga, taught by Jackie Samways, a British Wheel of Yoga qualified teacher. Suitable for all abilities, beginners to experienced, and all ages.
GENTLE, CHAIR-BASED YOGA - Monday 11.15-12.15
A gentler approach to yoga, meditation, breath work and relaxation. Mainly chair-based, with some standing to increase joint mobility, improve circulation, confidence, and general well-being.
For more info on both Yoga classes contact Jackie: 01379 650513/mobile 07868 314805 or jackiecornish@live.com
Various teams play at Bressingham on Saturday mornings and Sunday. Teams from U7 to U16 age groups with coaching for girls and boys starting from 5 years old. Contact Mark Channell by email at markv414@hotmail.com or call T: 01379 650591.
All enquiries re becoming a member and use of the court to
Brenda Webb T: 01379 688375 or email
The course (open at all times) is in Village Hall Car Park. Anyone in the community is welcome to play - Bring your own boules.

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