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Friday 7th October was Michaelmas Pie Evening at The Cottage, Fersfleld. The event was held to raise funds towards the proposed play equipment on The Church Meadow, Fersfield, and one of the guests, Janet Delasalle, tells us all about it .....

On arrival we were greeted as we parked and then invited to enter the Cottage via the garden french doors. Our route was lined by little glass and candle lanterns and as we passed the windows, the view inside was equally as pretty - tables dressed in green and white with a harvest theme of pumpkins, pears and greenery within the hearths. Punch was served as we stepped inside and the Cottage was alive with chatter and laughter, all very welcoming.

The highlight was the food and the aroma from the kitchen was a clue of what was awaiting us ........  a selection of pies including, Cottage; Steak and Ale; Fish; Lamb and Rosemary; Chicken, Ham and Mushroom; Chicken, Ham and Pork; and Cornish Pasty, all accompanied by new potatoes and vegetables.  The chatter eased while we tucked in and the satisfying sound of ”Mmmn, that was gorgeous” took over.  Seconds were then offered and many a happy diner took up the challenge. During a pause before dessert the entertainment was introduced, namely the two adjoining dining rooms “singing for their supper” and then being quizzed on trivia relating to what had just been sung for spot prizes - needless to say laughter took over and possibly just a little cheating !!! A raffle was drawn, then the eagerly awaited call “Desserts are served” - once again a beautiful selection was on the table and I have to say my choice homed in on a scrummy apple rum meringue, whilst my husband's eye was caught by his favourite, chocolate torte.  The others pies quickly disappeared before I could sample them - lemon meringue; apple and blackberry; banoffee; and a lemon tart - all were just perfect. The evening sadly came to an end around 11pm but a group of 30 very well fed and satisfied diners left for their own homes possibly thinking “can we have a repeat tomorrow night?”.

Our thanks must go to the “Fersfield Friends aka Four” for providing us with a wonderful tastie evening and their menfolk who provided the muscle for the furniture arranging and many other chores. We are still comparatively new to the area and this was one of our first evenings of this kind, our neighbour “held our hand” and we can say the whole evening had such a lively and friendly atmosphere that we are looking forward to the next Fersfield Event.

Janet Delasalle

For those of us who don’t work the land, harvest time means seeing lots of hard work being done, endless days for farm workers, heavy machinery and fields constantly changing around us.   So we thought you would like to read what it means to someone who has been involved this year – Alison, daughter of John Orford of G J Orford and Partners.  Alison recently moved back to the area and became more involved with her father’s contract farming business, initially by working in the office, but of late, by driving a tractor and being very ‘hands on’ - this is what harvest time means to her …..
Alison in her tractor
The end of the farming year with everyone pulling together
The anticipation, the build-up, the planning ….
Golden weather – lots of optimism!
Looking at a field and thinking “Wow! We’ve done that one now”
Finding out yields and qualities of each field and discussing it with Dad and Dick, our manager
Some of the fun of it is the LONG hours - the weather - liaising with the office and Dad on the 2-way radio - keeping an eye out for Auntie Pam and Joe with the tea wagon!
Best of all …. The wonderful sense of Achievement!

archery CLUB - Report and photos by Pam Dowling

The first day of the new Archery Club was highly successful with 18 people attending - some young and some not so young! Everyone who wanted to 'have a go' got the chance and the fun will continue from Sunday 30th October at 2-4pm in Bressingham Village Hall. Please telephone Brenda Webb on T: 01379 688375 to find out more.

Bressingham & Fersfield Harvest Supper

People from all five parishes came to share a delicious Harvest meal  at Bressingham Village Hall on 21st October. For the main course it was hard to choose whether to have home made 
shepherds' pie with vegetables or  roast pork with jacket potato and chutneys.   It was even more difficult to decide which of the  wonderful cakes and bakes to have afterwards!

Everyone enjoyed the chance to catch up on all the news  while  tickets were sold for an impressive array of raffle prizes - more  choosing followed for the lucky winners.

Grateful thanks go to all those who did the cooking, donated prizes,  set up the hall and  cleared away afterwards.  Having so many willing  helpers made all those tasks quite easy!

Jennie Vere
T: 01379 687 679

To see photos taken by Diana Burroughes click here

Tony Hall I would like to thank everyone for their support and generous donations towards the Church Central Heating Fund bike ride that I completed during the first weekend of September.
The idea for the ride came to me after taking part in the Norwich 100 ride in aid of the British Heart Foundation and, having previously completed a walk around the perimeter of  Norfolk, I decided I would try it on a bike (only this time completing it within 2 days!).  Needing a bit of incentive – and wanting to do something for my local community – I chose to help warm the church! 
Swank Interiors Lanassir Lawes outside her new studio - photo by Liz Handy
That's the name of Lanassir Lawes’ new design business. Her amazing studio workshop in the newly converted barn at Three Gates Farm, Bressingham is open 9.30am - 4.30pm Tuesday – Friday (01379 687542). Lanassir is about creating “something different to suit people’s life style and budget”.  Congratulations to Lanassir for her ideas and creativity - we wish her every success.  Watch this space for more news!
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