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Bressingham School Association (BSA)
Autumn Fayre
The Bressingham School Association (BSA) held an Autumn Fayre on Saturday 17th September 2011, in conjunction with welcoming their new Headteacher, Gavin King.  The weather was touch and go and the Tour of Britain came through Diss so this affected attendance but the event still managed to raise £500.  The money hasn't been allocated for anything specific as yet, but will be added to the pot for this year's fundraising.  All money raised is used to enhance the education of pupils at the school, be it buying equipment, funding educational outings or visitors to the school. 

The Bressingham School Association (BSA) would like to thank everyone that helped to make this a successful event, especially Ladies' Club for running the Tombola, The Fire Service for bringing along a fire engine and Mervyn Lambert for kindly sending along a digger for the children to explore.

Joyce Barnett, Chair of Bressingham School Association (BSA)
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Flower Show & Mini Fete
Bethany Dowden wins the child 12-16 class William Bloom wins Bowl for a Pig
Bethany Dowden wins the child 12-16 class William Bloom wins Bowl for a Pig
The Bressingham and Fersfield Flower Show and Mini Fete on 3rd September, was again a great success this year. The weather was warm and sunny and the hall was filled with colourful exhibits, which all looked splendid in the bright sunshine. The afternoon was busy with people enjoying the mini fete and admiring the entries.
Our 2011 winners were:  
Alan Hines: The Holmes Cup - most points - Fruit & Veg
The Challenge Cup - most points - Flower, Fruit & Veg
Pauline Steggles: The Home Industries Cup - most points - Baking & Handicrafts
Bethany Dowden: The Irene Howard Cup - Child aged 12-16
Alex Kennedy: The Country Homes Cup - Child aged 8-11
Sylvie Roberts: The H Burroughes & Son Cup - Child aged 7 & under

We would like to thank everyone for their kind support and hope to see you all at the next show. £400 was raised towards the Tennis Court and Recreation Ground Renovation Project.

Claire Porter, Show Organiser

County Sports Final

The County Sports Final took place on Sunday 4th September at the UEA Sports Park in Norwich. We had teams for Archery Junior and Senior, table tennis, short mat bowls, darts, rounders, 5-a-side football, badminton and wattbikes. Our tennis team unfortunately were unable to be there but we will try to have substitutes ready for another year for all the teams. Our junior archery team came 2nd in the small village category and the darts and wattbikes were a credible 3rd. The rounders team had a playoff with the village who eventually won so all in all not a bad effort. Overall, we came 8th out of 11 teams with the 7th team only one point ahead. In the fun tug-of-war we were certain winners for our enthusiasm and that mass of bright yellow t-shirts will not be forgotten easily.

I would like to thank all the teams for their commitment and we hope to carry this forward and do more tennis, table tennis, netball and archery. If you are interested in any sports, please call me.

Brenda Webb , Village Sports Co-ordinator, T: 01379 688375
See photos from the day >


ZUMBA update

Brenda Webb is still endeavouring to find an instructor to run classes in Bressingham Village Hall, but so far the five people she has contacted are all heavily committed.

Bressingham Village Hall
Keep checking the website for progress and if you are interested in this or any other sport, please contact Brenda on T: 03179 688375 or send an email.

Parish Plan Launch

The Parish Plan Document has been delivered to each household in Fersfield and Bressingham. You can at last read what we have been compiling and, more importantly, what you residents’ think of your parish. It was important to us that the data was analysed independently, we did not want to unwittingly bias the results, so we employed a freelance editor and we feel totally confident in the information displayed. The action plans are identified and point us onto the next steps for developing our parish. Of course, some consider that this is when the real work starts but all the ground work and foundations are completed – it is top dressing from now on! We hope you enjoy reading your Plan.

Many of the residents of Bressingham and Fersfield dodged the showers on Saturday to gather at Fersfield Church.  They were there to show their support for the new Village Plan, to offer ideas for the ten different Action Groups and to register their willingness to be involved.    Cakes scones and tea were on sale for village funds and any children present were well entertained.

Liz Handy’s photographs of the old rectories and school houses of the two villages were on display, along with portraits of their current occupants, who no longer are the rectors or the schoolteachers.  The idea was to show how much our lives have changed even though, on the surface, much looks the same.   The villages today have much the same number of people as they did eighty years ago, but those people work and live very differently from their predecessors.  A plan for their future is, therefore, both timely and welcome. Please be in touch with the Bressingham and Fersfield  Parish Plan committee should you be interested in being involved with others in one of the action plans.

A new Management Committee has been formed in Fersfield which will be responsible for maintaining and making decisions regarding the Church Meadow.  It is envisaged that the Meadow will continue to be used for local events and if funds can be raised, consideration be given to a children’s play area, natural wildlife area and a general area for sitting and enjoying the space, making it a great community facility for all ages and in line with data gathered from the Parish Plan questionnaire. Anyone wishing to contribute any help or information should email Sally Pankhurst or T: 01379 687498.
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