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The wedding dress display held on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th August in St Andrew's Church, Fersfield, was very well attended. Admission was free as were the refreshments and home-made cakes, yet we still raised £122 through the generosity of the visitors. There were 19 dresses in total dating from the 1950s to date. The oldest (part) wedding dress was a bodice from the Victorian era. Unfortunately, the skirt has been lost over the years. Many photographs were also on display: Edwardian and 1920's sepia photos were particularly interesting. The church was decorated with cream and white roses to complement the wedding theme - all in all a very happy two days. THANK YOU ALL and by all I mean the brides who so willingly loaned their dresses, the 'dressers', the flower arrangers, the ladies who loaned their dressmaking dummies, and the ace carpenter who hand made the short fall. Last but not least, a special thank you to the ladies who manned the church during the exhibition and Riichard Vere who closed the two-day event with a short service of thanksgiving accompanied by Jennie on the organ. Well done!

How nice it has been to be able to play tennis on the recently refurbished Tennis Court, which I understand cost The Village Hall Committee a lot of money. Money received from numerous events put on by the many volunteers and supporters of the Village Hall. It is a shame that, despite the low fee now required, £10.00 per annum, some people feel it must be their right to get under the fencing, force open the gate and take a screwdriver to the combination lock, breaking it beyond repair. This mindless vandalism is a curse and an affront to everyone who donated their time and money to try and improve things for all. If you know them Name them. Let’s get it stopped. Now!
A concerned parishioner
Brenda Webb  Village Sports Coordinator - T: 01379 688375
A great day, with dry weather, was had by all at the Finals on the 15th July and we achieved the same points as our Lopham neighbours.  Best of all our two junior Archers, Katie Aves and Mat Porter, won their section overall which was brilliant and resulted in them both receiving a glass shield trophy.  Unfortunately our winning Triathlon team were on holiday so we had to substitute and I have to say Sue and Shane did extremely well considering they were last minute stand-ins. Two of the original winning Athletics team were also unavailable, so many thanks again to the substitutes. A big thanks also to Liz and Gerry who stepped in for the short mat bowls

All in all we all had a good day out with family and friends.

Team “Bee Gees” at the Finals were a great laugh and gave us a great lift - these three went aound the whole venue singing, dancing and serenading all day long!

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