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community speedwatch from Margaret Harris, Co-ordinator
I'd like to thank the Bressingham residents who recently volunteered to join the local Community Speedwatch Scheme - it means our Team will be able to cover more of the Parish so you'll continue to see us out and about at various locations (approved by Norfolk Constabulary) and at different times. Over the past four weeks we have logged several vehicles travelling in excess of the recommended speed limits but more imnportantly, we have seen other drivers reduce their speed which is excellent. It's very important that everyone fully understands the aim of the scheme which is not to catch as many speeders as possible, but to reduce speed in areas of concern and to make drivers aware that excessive speed within posted limits is socially unacceptable - click here to read Norfolk Constabulary's letter of explanation.

REALLY Good News
Bressingham Primary School have scored well above average in all subjects this year. This is an amazing leap from being below average last year. Gavin King has been Head Teacher since September 2011 and has been making changes, not only to the teaching staff, but also with the curriculum.  The children have also had lots of visits away from the school and have invited lots of visitors into the school.  Their scores in maths have particularly improved.  There will more exciting events happening in the school next term - lucky children!
Children at Bressingham School
Chernobyl Children at Bressingham School - photo copyright Steve Tickner
A group of children from Belarus, who live in the area affected by the Chernobyl disaster, visited Bressingham Primary School this week. The children shared stories about where they live and sang songs to each other. They also enjoyed working together on some craft activities.  (they are the children wearing yellow caps). The visit was arranged by a parent, Kirsty Neave, who helps to run the ‘Children of Chernobyl’ charity. This is the fifth year that the children have visited Bressingham, but the first time they have visited the school. Local families provide hospitality and clothes and gifts for the children to return home with. Further information about Bressingham Primary is available on the school’s website and for more pictures click here >
The recent coffee morning at Fersfield Church took place on a dry and sunny morning (!) which prompted many of our neighbours and supporters from the other parishes to turn out in some force to support our efforts to raise funds for a new heating system.  Everyone was incredibly generous and we were thrilled with the resulting £340.  A huge thank you to everyone who helped prepare the event and also those who came along to support us - we are very grateful. See the photos >

Sunday afternoon (15 July) stayed dry, albeit a little windy, for the Fersfield Strawberry Tea afternoon. Over 40 people, of all ages, enjoyed the excellent company and strawberry fayre. Scones, meringues, vanilla slices, sponge cakes, Pimms and tea were all thoroughly enjoyed at this delightful event held on the Fersfield Meadow.  Floral bouquets for sale and a raffle with delightful prizes contributed to the fund raising for Breast Cancer Care.  A superb afternoon was enjoyed by everyone there and the Fersfield Friends would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came along. To see the photos click here >
Thank you from Breast Cancer Care for £250 raised at the Strawberry Tea


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