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what a brilliant time we all had!
Here's a short review of the Fersfield Jubilee Tea Party by Sally Pankhurst:

The Fersfield Street Party was a great success, with so many people turning up we ran out of tables and chairs until several were wheelbarrowed in from nearby houses! With the street closed to traffic it gave a unique opportunity for everyone to play, chat and scoot up down in safety. It was fantastic to see all the tables laden with so much beautifully presented food and I don't think anyone went home hungry! The games on the Meadow were well received and nearly everyone joined in doing something throughout the afternoon. All this and it was free, brilliant! The atmosphere was excellent, with new and old faces coming together, the weather was kind, in as much as it didn’t rain, but I think everyone agreed that it was a bit cold.

A huge thank you to everyone involved in the celebration, it was a very special way to mark the occasion. See the photos >

Bressingham's Celebration was also fantastic with over 270 people making the most of their time together as Brenda Webb reports:

The Bressingham Beacon Event was enjoyed by all participants, as you can see from the very good pictures taken by some local ‘talent’. The sun came out on the tea party which we held earlier than advertised, as the food was curling at the edges due to the heat (would you believe). The entertainment was well received and the games went down well. The hog roast was delicious and just fell off the bone.

Later the time capsule was buried and the beacon lit. We had borrowed a Friendship Flame from ‘active Norfolk’ which they will have on display when the real Olympic flame comes to Norwich overnight in July. This flame looks real  but is not so we used it for most of the run, then changed to a proper one when they got to the beacon. Des swiftly climbed the ladder and lit the beacon at the appointed time of 10.15 - an appropriate end to a very good week-end.  See photos >

Our thanks go to everyone for supporting the events and huge thanks to those who helped make them happen so successfully.

RACE FOR LIFE! report by Sue Craggs See more photos >
Many people are affected by cancer during their lifetimes, whether it is themselves or someone they know, cancer will have some influence.  Latest statistics show that every two minutes someone in the UK is told they have cancer.  Race For Life is a woman only race to raise money for research into this devastating disease. We have gathered a small group to enter the race on 24 June at Bury St Edmunds, Sue, Alice, Julie and Sarah are hoping to raise £1000 by asking  people to sponsor them.  This isn't just to raise money for themselves, it is for all those who have been, who are and who will be touched by cancer.  Please sponsor us to help beat down these statistics you can donate by going to our Race for Life page - click here..  Thankyou, Sue and Alice, Bressingham.
POST EVENT REPORT: May I say well done and thanks to Alice, Julie and Lizzie who made our recent Race For Life so brilliant and to my David, Julie's David, Annabel, Robbie and Mitchell for coming and supporting us girls.  Sarah was unable to join us for the race as her youngest son was (and still is) an inpatient at N & N hospital after an appendicitis operation - Charlie we wish you a speedy recovery - but Lizzie stepped in to run for Sarah. We were unlucky with the weather, what I thought was going to be a short shower turned into a torrential downpour. 
Race For Life
However, that true British Bulldog spirit carried us through the very wet, muddy and slippery 3-mile course and we ended in sunshine and smiles (and very pink wigs). The rain persisted at intervals and caused the afternoon race to be cancelled so we felt very lucky to complete ours. So far our grand total is £767.50 an excellent amount but we still want more!!! A huge thank you to all you generous people who donated and if there are any more folks willing to give some cash they are more than welcome.  Many thanks.
The great news is that my team achieved their target of £1000 when taking into account those who ticked for gift aid.  My team are very proud of what we achieved and of course very grateful to all who supported us. 

Family spurns supermarket for village store - article and photos courtesy of the Diss Express
Debbie Gosman and daughter Sophie at the Bressingham Shop with owners Ray and Christine Church - photo copyright the Diss Express

A Fersfield family who have vowed not to shop in supermarkets but buy all their food locally has said the decision is paying dividends. The Gosman family does the majority of its food shopping at the Bressingham village shop, supplementing grocery shopping with home deliveries from a milkman and an organic vegetable box company plus occasional visits to the farmers' market. The decision to spurn supermarkets has, they say, not only resulted in savings in petrol but als means a healthier diet and less food wastage.

Debbie Gosman said 'This made sense to us to do this because we can get on our bikes to go the village shop. We live around two miles from the Bressingham shop, whereas the Diss supermarkets are six miles away. We are saving an awful lot on petrol - around £22 per month which is a substantial saving. It's been a revelation". The move has the full support of her daughters, Sophie 17 and Laura 21, while her husband Nick now proudly calls himself "the happy shopper". Both Debbie and Nick Gosman work full-time, so do their shopping on a Saturday or Sunday. "We really can get everything we need locally," Mrs Gosman said. "We get milk delivered and we have an organic vegetable box delivered as well, and we normally like to go to the farmers' market at South Lopham, but we can cycle there as well," Mrs Gosman said. "The village shop provides everything else, including ham, bacon, mince and stewing steak, and they sell lots of local products as well. The fruit and vegetables are exceptionally good."

Mrs Gosman said shopping in Bressingham was more of a sociable experience with a better personal service and was far less stressful than battling the manic queues in a supermarket. It was also enjoyable to cycle there. "We find that we buy just what we need and we keep within our budget because we are not being encouraged to buy lots of things we don't really want. That also means we are wasting less because we're not piling up things in the cupboard and then forgetting what we have bought." This has also resulted in Mrs Gosman becoming more inventive in the meals she produces and has, she says, led to a healthier diet. "I hope our experience encourages others to try it because it doesn't need to be difficult and there are some real positives," she said.

At Bressingham Village Shop, owner Ray Church said he regularly carries out price checks of items in local supermarkets and they were often "considerably more expensive than us". "We sell the full line of groceries, dairy products, fresh meat and fresh bread. We are well-stocked and we get different things in for different people. I also try to get local and seasonal produce where we can and try to keep the food miles down." However, he urged shoppers to make more use of their village stores whenever they could. "The reality is lots of people like the idea of a village shop, but then only buy the odd thing here. We are busy at certain times, but not all the time. We work 70 hours a week, with no holidays and earn less than the minimum wage. You do get despondent about it", he said. "So if people want to keep us then let us know by shopping with us."

Exception fruit and vegetables
Delicious locally baked cakes and goodies
Ham, Bacon, mince, stewing steak etc, all available
  Photos above copyright to Liz Handy
Special Discounts for locals at Bressingham Steam Museum & Gardens
Alastair Baker, the Manager of Bressingham Steam Museum and Gardens would love to see more Bressingham & Fersfield residents visiting the attraction so is kindly giving us a special discount for season tickets .....
Alastair Baker - photo taken by Liz Handy
20% off a season ticket for 1-3 people, or 30% off a ticket for 4+ people from the same address. To claim your discount take along some proof of residence (eg a recent utility bill) when you buy your tickets. To read more about special events happening soon click here. There is endless fun to be had at the Steam Museum & Gardens so take advantage of this special offer then you'll be able to pop in whenever you fancy!

Our Village Signs
We have a lot to be grateful for in that Edward Curson has recently restored our 2 village signs.   Each sign tells a story about our history.  Thank you Edward for restoring our signs - and for giving so much of your time and talent to do so.
Edward Curson at his easel plus our newly painted village signs

Brenda Webb  Village Sports Coordinator - T: 01379 688375
The Games were held on 10 June and what a good day weather wise. Makes a change! We achieved some very good results, winning the Darts, the Athletics (what a great bunch) and the Triathlon (what an extremely fit trio) and coming 2nd in the Climbing Wall - the guy who did it said he could still fee the harness on him half an hour later!.

The Tennis Double came 2nd and we came away with 6 trophies in all, but were unfortunately pipped into 3rd place by the Forncetts and didn't make the final this year by just ONE point! This result shows the calibre of the teams and how much we are improving and there were only a few points between the first three in our small village category.   We are looking for under-16 Table Tennis players; 9-11 year olds for 5-a-side football and 16+ males for the football.  Interested in any sports, not just the ones mentioned? Please contact me.  More players are needed for Short Mat Bowls, so come on you Bowls players I know you are out there!

A huge thank you to EVERYONE who entered the Games - it's a real fun day out, as well as keeping us a bit healthier and active.

See the photos >

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