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FERSFIELD TRAFFIC - an update from 3rd September
The discussion regarding concerns about the speed and noise of traffic travelling through Fersfield which was brought to the Parish Council meeting last month, continued at the Parish Council meeting held last Monday, 3rd September 2012. Here's an update of the current status:
  • A draft pettion has been produced and is awaiting comments before being circulated to Fersfield residents.
  • Research is being carried out into the cost and availability of noise meters to help determine the noise level generated by the passing traffic - if any residents have access to such equipment please contact Bryan Claybrook (T: 01379 688547).
  • A number of private and farmer's hedges along The Street are overgrown, reducing the width of the road in certain areas and making it difficult for vehicles to pass - responsbility for hedge trimming is to be ascertained..
  • The Parish Council have been advised that none of the existing speed limited will be reduced.
  • The Parish Council have been advised that areas of the road are to be“patched up” and the road joints improved to alleviate the noise annoyance - it was agreed this would not be acceptable. It was hoped that the residents' concerns should be respected rather then just giving way to what is deemed to be 'normal limitations' - the Parish Council will be contacting the appropriate bodies again to see how we can work towards putting our case forward.
  • The Speedwatch Scheme has been working on a limted basis due to holidays etc and a reluctance to man the early morning sessions.
  • A proposal was put forward for a more detailed vehicle usage survey to be carried out to which further consideration will be given.

Humour all the way through - absolutely 'super'
-....... that's what Dave and Lindsay said after enjoying the performance:
Smalls Talk - a comedy on Thurs 23th, Fri 24th and Sat 25th

As comparatively new members of the Bressingham Village Hall committee, Dave and I were slightly shocked during a visit to the hall on Thursday evening: Alan, Chairman of the committee, was displaying what could only be described as anti-social behaviour.  The often track-suited Brenda, seemed to have aged somewhat overnight and as for the appearance of Claire the Treasurer - well, words fail me! Thankfully they were all acting parts in 'Smalls Talk'  the latest production from Bressingham Drama Group. 

We were both impressed by the standard of acting displayed and for myself, with an ear-infection, I was pleased to say that even sitting at the back of the hall, I heard virtually every word spoken. Humour all the way through - absolutely 'super'. All I can add is, I shall think twice if I am offered a drink by one of those respected village hall organisers - and Alan, if you are reading this, I hope you won't start doing any of that in future committee meetings!


Smalls Talk was performed last week and after an audience lacking in numbers on Thursday, played to good audiences on Friday and Saturday. The feedback has been excellent with ladies from the Diss Red Hat Club saying they had not laughed so much for years! This is great encouragement for all the cast, the director and back stage staff who all work so hard. I have to say we all thoroughly enjoyed doing it and don’t know what we will do with our time now ... yes I do ... we will start looking at Pantomimes once we have caught our breath. The Director and I were invited onto Radio Norfolk on Tuesday afternoon - some of you might have heard us - it was quite an experience. Now for the big one .... the raffle, bar and door monies, less our few expenses, have given a £900 boost to Village Hall Funds. So I thank everyone who has supported us and will keep you informed about our next production.  

Want to rent an Allotment in Bressingham for just £12 a year? Call Michelle on T: 01379 688109 or 07824 515801 for more details. More news coming soon!

Brenda Webb  Village Sports Coordinator - T: 01379 688375
A great day, with dry weather, was had by all at the Finals on the 15th July and we achieved the same points as our Lopham neighbours.  Best of all our two junior Archers, Katie Aves and Mat Porter, won their section overall which was brilliant and resulted in them both receiving a glass shield trophy.  Unfortunately our winning Triathlon team were on holiday so we had to substitute and I have to say Sue and Shane did extremely well considering they were last minute stand-ins. Two of the original winning Athletics team were also unavailable, so many thanks again to the substitutes. A big thanks also to Liz and Gerry who stepped in for the short mat bowls

All in all we all had a good day out with family and friends.

Team “Bee Gees” at the Finals were a great laugh and gave us a great lift - these three went aound the whole venue singing, dancing and serenading all day long!

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PÉTANQUE - update  

Thanks Dave! We would like to thank Dave Smith for all his work and the help he has given to Petanque players - iIts such a great game for all ages to play.  Dave has helped us get to grips with the rules and we are beginning to play better.  Dave is building extending the pistes so even more people can play at the same time and have fun.


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