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Winter Berries by Liz Handy
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Sarah and her husband Brad moved to Bressingham in 2000 when their first child was 18 months old.  They wanted their children to be able to walk out of their front door on their own, something they couldn't do in London where they lived before. Now they live down a quiet lane and both of their children can look out onto fields. Sarah has her workroom in their garden, employs 2 people and also takes on contract staff when required. 
Sarah Roberts in ther office
Her husband Brad, is the main carer of their children and the home  Would you want to go back and live in London I asked “No, we love it here.”If you'd like to find out more go to Sarah's website > 
Sue works at Bressingham Mushrooms and lives in The Street in Fersfield, as does her mother, daughter and two grandchildren.  Sadly Sue’s husband has dementia and is unable to live at home as he needs special care, so Sue is doing a trek in the Lake District on the 23, 24 and 25 June, climbing four peaks - Skiddaw, Scafell Pike, Scafell and Helvellyn.
All sponsorship money/donations will go to the Alzheimer's Society to help raise awareness of Dementia and Alzheimer's. Please give generously by going to Sue's Just Giving page - click here.

On 14th July Pam and other members of her family took part in the Cancer Research Relay for Life, an overnight walk in a stadium in Portsmouth and here is how she and her team did ....It was a great 24 hours, there were 12 of us in the team with a couple of extra visitors who didn't camp overnight.  We took it in turns to walk round the stadium, usually walking two at a time, sometimes more. There was live music and 'themed' laps such as egg and spoon; underwear; walking backwards, all aimed at keeping us occupied.  Some of the teams were in fancy dress, I particularly liked the 'busy bees' dressed as bees.  Some of the young people in our team stayed up most of the night to wake up those who were due on next.  What dedication to the cause!!  By the end of the 24 hours I'd managed to catch a few hours sleep, but then had to drive back to Bressingham.  It's a shame it was so far away, but I just stopped a few times on the way home to catch a few 'zzzzzzz'.  All in all a fantastic team effort.  Our team were unique in that we were all family members, from 13 years old to 55 years young!  A big thank you to everyone who supported us. 
Pam Smith bought her home, The White Horse in  Bressingham, way back in 1986. Many people will remember The White Horse when it was a pub before it closed in 1972.  Pam used to work as a Costume Supervisor making costumes for theatres all over England and was also an expert in wig making too!  
So for many years now, Pam has used her skills for making curtains and clothes, and doing alterations. She offers an excellent service (click here for details) and many local folk would not know what to do without her help! When not sewing, you'll reguarly see Pam out walking her dogs.

Karl organising games at the Fersfield Jubilee EventKarl and Anna Traynier moved to Fersfield just under five months ago and love it here! They find the weather and soil so much better, (apart from the clay!) than it was in Fife where they lived before and where they had a small holding with sheep, turkeys, chickens, ducks, geese, dogs, cat and a pet crow that they rescued - they were almost self sufficient.  With a polytunnel and several greenhouses, Karl grew vegetables like cauliflowers and potatoes whilst Anna grew tomatoes, herbs, aubergines, peppers and chillies which they achieved after bringing in 400 tons of top soil and sub soil to improve their very rocky ground. Here they are putting their green fingers to use by having a Bressingham allotment and Karl has joined the committee and with other members, is endeavouring to improve the plots and get more people involved in growing their own vegetables. Karl was one of the founder members of the Allotment and Vegetable Gardening Forum and is known as 'Muntjac'. Karl is our new Footpath Warden, is busy reading through reading through Norfolk Rights of Way Improvement Plan and gathering lots of useful information which he would like to share with us so check out the links on the right. If you need to contact Karl please click here to email him. 

Norfolk County Council Public Rights of Way (PROW) - There is a host of frequently asked questions here to browse through and an on-line PROW problem report form. 
Welcome to Anita and Stephen Bounds who became the new owners of the 15.5 acres of woodland which belonged to Blooms off Church Lane in Bressingham.  Its a dream come true for them both as they are keen naturalists and plan to make the woodland more nature friendly encouraging more butterflies, bees and wildlife and wildflowers, as well as exercising their Siberian husky, Sabre. They have named the woodland Brigitte’s Wood after Anita’s mother who died last year.  She too loved woods and its wonderful to think they have spent their legacy from her on these woods.  Both are scientists - Stephen works as an independent consultant on the regulatory aspects of the safety of chemicals and Anita works as a research project manager supporting the world-renowned bioscientists in the John Innes Centre and Institute for Food Research in Norwich.

They have lived in Banham for 17 years where Stephen has served on the Parish Council and Anita worked as Parish Clerk. They are both bell ringers and run a musical handbell ringing group.  Stephen in fact has judged a bell ringing striking competition rung in Bressingham Church.

Anita and Stephen Bounds

Bryan Claybrook is one of the new Councillors opted onto Bressingham and Fersfield Parish Council.  Bryan is a house-husband having taken a break from a career in Information Technology Services two years ago. His wife Fiona is a Human Resources director for Aviva.   

They have two sons: Thomas and Oliver. Thomas, who will soon be 4 years old, starts school at Bressingham Primary School next term.  Oliver, at 4 months will be following him later on!   Bryan has a particular interest in environmental issues and is looking forward to making a positive contribution to the local community.
Tonya and Keith Manning from Fersfield

Tonya and Keith Manning have lived in Fersfield since 1996.  They share a love of horses and have two shire horses, Archie and Teddy. which they have had since the horses were eight months old.  They are training them to be working horses which involves a lot of work. They have to be trained to take a saddle, to be ridden and also to pull a cart and a plough.  The horses spend their time either in a field in Fersfield or New Buckenham.  Tonya also works as a pre-school teacher at St Andrews Pre-School in Lopham.  Keith works locally too at Steve Eaton’s.  Tonya also repairs china which she does during half terms and holidays."

Tonya and Keith with Archie and Teddy

Tonya repairs china in her holidays from being a pre-school teacher

Sarah and Rodney Briscoe

Thank you to Sarah Briscoe - she has just finished writing that last 'Word', the benefice newsletter that we receive fortnightly. From now on the newsletter will come from Diss.  Sarah has been a local girl since she was 11 and went to Diss Grammar School.  She married her husband Rodney in 1972 and has lived in Roydon ever since.  

Sarah Briscoe

Rodney is an Organ Builder and works all over Britain. But he has been looking after the benefice organs for over 50 years and tunes them yearly.  Sarah says it really takes two to tune an organ.  Not only does Sarah run Rodney’s back office but she is also his organ tuner assistant!  Sarah is on the PCC at Roydon and runs the Toddlers’ Church every Tuesday afternoon from 2-3pm.

Many of you will know Adrian of old. He and Moira have lived in Fersfield since the 1970’s, but sadly for us they plan is to make their home in France where they have already bought an old house which Adrian is busy restoring. 

But lucky for us, while Adrian is over here for a break, he is being put to work helping Allan Byrne and the Bressingham Drama Group paint the scenery for this year'spantomime 'The Beauty Sleeping'.  Adrian for many years not only wrote the annual pantomime but also made the scenery. 

Adrian Kinnear King


Jan and Paul Sumpter
Paul and Jan Sumpter have lived in Fersfield since 1984.  They moved from an apartment in Paris where they lived for 10 years.  It was a big change of scene for them!  They bought Pond Farm in 1980 along with a barn and then 20 years later they sold the farm house and moved into the barn - having lovingly restored it.  Jan and Paul Sumpter - copyright Liz Handy
 A master saddle maker had  previously lived in the farm  and before that the Ramsey family owned it.   Paul became the treasurer of Fersfield Church in 1985 and 2 years later Jan became  church warden.   The Sumpter twin girls were born in 1980 and later went to Bressingham School and then on to Thetford Grammar School.  When the twins were 7 Jan became the nurse at Diss High School for 12 years.    Jan then became the administrator at Haines Watts accountant firm in Diss where Paul is a partner.  Fersfield as we know has changed over the years.  They tell the story that in the 1960’s the Rev Lewis rector of Fersfield  held 3 services each Sunday.  It is rumoured that he used to walk down “The Street” and beckon local residents into church! 
Jason and Jackie Wyatt of Wyatt Engineering
The Wyatts have lived in Bressingham near Pillar Box Corner for 15 years. They moved here from Roydon when Marcus was two and a month later Abi was born. Marcus and Abi went to Bressingham Primary School, as did Jason. The family are very much involved in sports. Abi is in a Diss Ladies netball team, Marcus plays rugby for Diss Rugby Club, where Jason played for 21 years and is still an active club member, his father Chris was one of the founder members of the club.

Jason and Jackie Wyatt of Wyatt Engineering - copyright Liz Handy

The family has taken part in many village events, including the inter-village games, where Marcus, Jackie and Matthew Porter won the triathlon.Jackie is a frequent cyclist around the local villages and also cycles to Diss, where she has a part-time job in a bank. But the good news is that the Wyatts are the new owners of Bressingham Engineers Premises. Their car service business that was at Darrow Wood Farm, Diss, is now nearer where they live. Its a family business which Chris started, Jason joined him as a partner in 1993. Chris has now retired. Jason does the engineering along side Jon Glover, who has been with them for 6 years and Jackie does the accounts. Marcus is also keen to pursue a career in engineering. Who knows the business might extend to the 3rd generation!


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