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Winter Berries by Liz Handy
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GARDENS OPEN DURING THE WEEKEND - browse through the photos of wonderful gardens that were on show - more still to come!
GARDEN 1 - Krys Wakefield, The Old Rectory, Fersfield: This very natural 2-acre garden is full of aconites and snowdrops in the winter, followed by wild garlic in the spring.  It is a haven for wildlife and birds, with a large rookery in the numerous trees.
GARDEN 2 - Pam & John Orford, Wood Lodge, Fersfield: Overlooking farmland, paddocks and Lopham Grove, we have colourful roses, shrubs and pots of geraniums on the terrace.  The kitchen garden has raised vegetable beds, soft fruit, and tomatoes ripening in the greenhouse.  See agricultural bygones and meet bantams Walter and Sydney with their ladies. Enjoy!
GARDEN 3 - Jan & Richard Hewitt, The Cottage, The Common, Fersfield: A country garden on a plot which is a remnant of a medieval strip farm. It contains an apple espalier, a nuttery, fruit trees and a vegetable plot. There are many roses and beds with shrubs and hardy perennial plants.
GARDEN 4 - Sharon & Dave Cole, Willow Farm, Hall Lane, Fersfield: Developed over the years to include a variety of interesting plants, shrubs and mature trees.  Simple front garden, dominated by a large Willow Tree, the back and side quickly open up to an array of herbaceous beds, trees and wildlife areas around the large pond.
GARDEN 5 - Jan Scott, Flint Barn, Fersfield Road, Fersfield: Ten pedigree Ryeland sheep and fourteen pure bred chickens graze our two acres, which includes a plum orchard.  The sheep are sold for breeding and meat, while the brown and white fleeces  are retained for felt making and spinning. In the autumn I borrow a ram and the lambs arrive in March.
GARDEN 6 - Gillian & David Cott, Inglewood House, Wilney Green: Almost entirely rebuilt since 2011 after works to install ground-source heating pipes, you'll find an oriental garden, herb garden, mixed and herbaceous borders, fernery, pond, roses, mini woodland area, planted wood ‘wall’, orchard, soft fruit, vegetables, chickens and a ‘station platform’! 
GARDEN 7 -  Mervyn Lambert, Fen Street, Bressingham: Explore 8 acres of stunning landscaping and planting, ancient and more recent deciduous trees and a huge variety of conifers. Year round interest in many forms, a delightful vista at every turn through to the focal point – a large lake. 
GARDEN 8 - Sarah & Brad Roberts, 3 Church Lane, Bressingham: ours is an open and natural garden with a lovely view towards the distant Waveney. Our main feature is a modern architect designed earth block or Clay Lump BBQ building. There is a display by the East Anglia Earth Buildings Group (EARTHA).
GARDEN 9 - Jaime & Anthea Blake: School Road, Bressingham: A third of an acre garden adjoining small woodland with bee hives and hen run. New herbaceous planting, small vegetable garden, annual and perennial wild flower areas. Wildlife pond, separate fish pond. Conservatory with tender plants, greenhouse for summer veg, fruit trees.
GARDEN 10 - Bressingham Primary School, School Road, Bressingham: Our allotment was formally opened by Mr Richard Bacon MP in September and is a ‘work in progress’.  The allotment has a polytunnel, vegetable, flower and sensory gardens.  The School gardening club meets weekly and the children have been very busy sowing seeds, potting up seedlings, taking cuttings and preparing the soil read for planting.
GARDEN 11 - Alison & Leslie Dumbell, High House, Fersfield Road, Bressingham: This 1.5 acre garden surrounds a C1600 Grade II listed Hall House with grassed areas, shrubs and trees.  Avenue of Cornus leads to field beyond.  Racing pigeons, summer house, cattle pond, small wood. Through the archway to an ornamental pond housing Edgar the fish, 3 tiddlers and newts!
GARDEN 12 - Gunilla & Brian Falk, Long View, Fersfield Road, Bressingham: A garden of 4 parts.  From the front, mainly lawn with an herbaceous border, orchard and viewing mound, a creep path winds past a frog pond at the back of the house to the middle garden of general planting with a rose pole circle.  On, to a formal garden and dragon teahouse. Beyond is a walk winding round a glade (avoid the Owl House), through a small wood.  Children’s Fun Quiz Available.
GARDEN 13 - Gail & Peter Arnold, Muirside, Fersfield Road, Bressingham: This garden has a small orchard planted by Gail's father in the 1960s, a new polytunnel, a rescued and renovated shepherd's hut and far reaching views across the Waveney Valley. It's on the edge of the family farm and wildlife is encouraged to visit the garden. Music too!
GARDEN 14 - Ginny & Martin White, Hazel Barn, Lodge Lane, Bressingham: A 4-acre garden designed 5 years ago with help from Juliet Bamber, Designing with Plants. Pretty planting in raised beds alongside a swimming pool combines with English country garden planting beyond in beds surrounding a central lawn. Rose pergola, specimen trees, Orchard. Work in progress.  A pond to the side of the house. 
GARDEN 15 - Ted & Sue Mercer, White Gates, Common Road, Bressingham: A large lawn bordered by beds of mature perennial flowers sets off the 500-year old house. The gravel driveway runs alongside 3 meadows which until 1843 were part of Bressingham Great Common. Scented, old climbing roses ramble over the house and barn.  An old well, clay-lined pond and mature trees add interest.  
GARDEN 16 - Paul  & Bianca Mercer, Carpe Diem, Swimming Pool Co, Common Road, Bressingham: A swimming pond is the focus of this 2-acre prairie-style planted garden which acts as a backdrop to the water.  There are trees and plants benefitting wildlife, a wildflower meadow with paths mown through, a formal courtyard garden behind the converted barn, from where a Wisteria covered pergola leads to a kitchen garden.  
GARDEN 17 - Stella Taylor, 46 Common Road, Bressingham: Small garden with glasshouse, vegetables, annual herbaceous and cornfield flowers. Weeds – lots of!! Stella is an horticulturalist and wild flower expert!
GARDEN 18 - Sarah Dungar, 29 Common Road, Bressingham: Large well established garden containing a selection of perennials for all year colour climbers and ornamental grasses and a relaxing seating area near pond as garden has sun all day.
GARDEN 19 - Geff & Jean Harvey, White Gates, High Road, Bressingham: The front is mainly roses with bulbs providing a spring show. At the back, roses provide colour together  with begonias and bedding plants in tubs and hanging baskets on the patio surrounding a small pool.  We grow fruit and vegetables and leave a natural patch to encourage wildlife.
GARDEN 20 - Katherine & Terry Smith, Grange Cottage, High Road, Bressingham: Since moving here 2 years ago we have revealed the lovely view over the valley
to Wortham. A ⅓-acre garden with established and recent planting of perennials, shrubs, small veggie patch.  A work in progress. There is a covered swimming pool.
GARDEN 21 - Ted Curson, Moat House, High Road, Bressingham: The main feature of this garden is the moat dividing the area in two.  A variety of plants, shrubs and trees grow on the banks of the moat.  Beyond is an orchard and vegetable garden.
GARDEN 22 - Linda & Jack Holly, The Highlands, High Road, Bressingham: Partially walled half acre bee/pollinator friendly ‘cottage’ garden. Three main areas: at the front, herbaceous and mixed beds; ornamental vegetables and annuals in a side garden; ‘ wild’ garden bordering farmland with remains of old moat. Fruit trees include cherry, medlar, mulberry, apple. No pesticides. 
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