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Bressingham & Fersfield Parish Council

Parish Council Meetings
Normally held on the first Monday of every other month (dates vary depending on other events eg Bank Holidays but are listed on the right of this page). Meetings are held either in Fersfield Church or Bressingham Village Hall - please check the published Agenda to confirm which location is being used. The actual dates and Agenda for each meeting are displayed on the notice boards outside Bressingham Village Hall and the Church Meadow, Fersfield.

Your Parish Councillors
Karl Traynier Chair
John Kemp  
Mark Wickenden  
Richard Hewitt  

Mike Wakefield

Amanda McMurray  
Mike Mortimer Clerk

Bressingham and Fersfield Parish Council Policy Documentation
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Freedom of Information

Under the Freedom of Information Act the following information is available to you. It can be found on this website, on the noticeboards or as hard copy (20p per page) on application to the Parish Clerk.
Finance Annual return: Website/Noticeboard/Hard copy
Budget: Hard copy
Members allowances & expenses: Hard copy
Precept: Hard copy
Meetings Agenda: Website/Noticeboard/Hard copy
Minutes: Website/Noticeboard/Hard copy
Responses to planning applications: Hard copy
Responses to consultation papers: Hard copy
Services Allotments: Contact Parish Clerk

Information regarding the Fuel Allotment can be found on the Charity Commission website. Search for charity reference "212775" or click here.


Meetings: 7.15pm in Bressingham Village Hall or Fersfield Church - please check Agenda for venue

Minutes/Agendas 2021  
4 January - Conducted over Zoom Agenda/Minutes
1 February - Conducted over Zoom Agenda/Minutes
1 March - Conducted over Zoom Agenda/Minutes
12 April - Conducted over Zoom Agenda/Minutes

20 April - Annual Parish Meeting 7:30

24 May - Village Hall, 7:15pm (public over Zoom audio) Agenda
5 July - Village Hall, 7:15pm ((public over Zoom audio)  
2 August - St Andrews  
6 September - St Andrews  
4 October - Village Hall  
1 November - Village Hall  
7 December - Village Hall  

Archived Monthly Minutes/Agendas: click here

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes
20 April 2021 Reports from 2021
Meeting cancelled Reports from 2020
23 April 2019 Reports from 2019 APM
24 April 2018  
25 April 2017 Reports from 2017 APM
19 April 2016 Reports from 2016 APM
21 April 2015  
22 April 2014  
23 April 2013  
24 April 2012  

Financial Reports
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Community Infrastructure Levy Report
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