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Planning Application:  2018/2233

Reference: 2018/2233

Address: Nissen Huts at Wood Lane, Fersfield, Norfolk 

Proposal: Restoration, alterations & new link to abandoned residential wartime buildings for use as a single dwelling

PC Recommendations: PC recommends approval if concerns met.
Bressingham and Fersfield Parish Council is in favour of supporting provision of affordable accommodation locally and hopes that the positive product of this application will be within reach, cost-wise, of those seeking a first time purchase. However the Parish Council strongly feels the following issues must be addressed before any consent can be considered.
1. The Nissen Huts occupy a poor position on a narrow unlit bend adjacent to a road junction. The site frontage is very narrow and visibility in all aspects is poor. We note Norfolk CC Highways recent comments but would refer you to Adrian Jacklin’s letter (Planning and Transportation Department) ref. P9/7/Fersfield/AJ of the 7th of April 2004  which did not support development on an adjacent site. If anything the location has deteriorated and whilst some adjustment may be possible within the site there will be no improvement for traffic passing ON The Street; much of this traffic consists of heavy articulated lorries and large agricultural vehicles. At this point The Street is beyond the 30mph speed limit. The road surface here is poor, consisting of chippings and emulsion on a crumbling concrete raft of 1940’s construction. There are raised ironworks and many cracks and potholes. Passing lorry traffic is very sonorous. The road and verge are covered with surface water after even moderate rain site drainage should not terminate on the road and soakaways will be ineffective. “Casual” parking outside the building would be dangerous.
2. There is no sewage disposal via existing sewer and Fersfield sewage disposal facility. The latter is for houses in the village centre only. The sewer pipe in question terminates in a ditch – it has been the subject of much local concern and there is likely future action. In simple terms the proposed sewage arrangements are not possible. (Anglia Water was not prepared to rectify the situation). A local solution will be needed.
3. The indicated site, though constrained, could provide a home – but the intrinsic cost must be constrained by ensuring original features be maintained if the Historical/Heritage approach is to be honoured. On completion as per the proposal we wonder just how much original feature will, in practice, remain. This should be prioritised in the interests of heritage retention and honesty. Conversion of these huts should not lead to a presumption of further adjacent development.

Final Decision: Approval