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Reply from Anglian Water – Ref: Burst Pipes

Dear Mr Mortimer

Thank you for your time today,

As discussed there is no particular reason for any mains bursts and Anglian water manage the areas we have bursts and monitor both frequency and customers effected with low pressures and interruptions to their supply’s,

The area discussed is not classed as a high burst area and would not fall into the critical criteria so is not being proposed at the present for any upgrading, unfortunately with some locations we have areas that are at the end of the systems and we are limited to how we can move water around the area however we do look at the potential to install mains assets so we can utilise water supply restoration options which allows us to inject directly into the system aiding in restoring any effected customers.

We do apologise for the low pressures and interruptions caused, there are multiple reasons for which we have interruption events that are not within our control, for instance ground movement ( causes contractions on pipework) weather orientated also 3rd party damage where another 3rd person has struck or broken a pipe whilst carrying out other amenities work or grounds-work to which we have to react in an emergency situation leaving us with minimum time to plan a repair as opposed to when we have planned work which we look into all restoration options prior to the work so as not to adversely impact our customers.

Kind regards

Dale Slater

Network Service Support Manager