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Bressingham Church ’59’ Club

59 club logo

The ’59’ club raises money for the Chuch and it follows a lottery style. We have 59 numbers and you choose a number and pay £1.00 a week to enter. The draw for the winner is made on a Wednesday and a Saturday night. The winning number is the bonus ball on each occasion and we pay £10 for the Wednesday night winner and £25 for the Saturday night winner, To purchase a number get in touch with Kay Brock on 01379 688331.

December’s Winners

01/12/21MR M BOUTET36£10.00
04/12/21MRS L GODDARD47£25.00
08/12/21MR DES AVES56£10.00
11/12/21MRS SUE BARTON38£25.00
15/12/21MRS V WEEKS54£10.00
18/12/21MRS J GILBOY59£25.00
22/12/21MRS V WEEKS54£10.00
25/12/21MRS JEAN COLLINS18£25.00
29/12/21MRS KATHERINE SMITH58£10.00

The church and club administrators would like to express their gratitude to all those who take part. The year of 2021 set a new threshold for the club with £1225 being raised.

Many thanks!

Feeling lucky? The following numbers are still available:

4, 45, 53

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