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Meeting Notes – South Norfolk Village Clusters Consultation Meeting


As Chair of the PC Dr McMurray outlined the background to the current stage of the consultation and explained how representations of objections could be made. She made it clear that representations to the council about the plan could only be regarding the properness of the procedure – if it is legally compliant, if it is sound and if it complies with the duty to co-operate. 

When asked about engaging a lawyer Dr McMurray said it would be too expensive and would probably serve no purpose.

Despite the consultation being about the properness of the procedure many views about the problems with site were expressed – extra traffic, pressure on the oversubscribed school, school parking and the already existing dangers, the width of the road and the junction with the A1066. Dr McMurray was unable to answer the question that if the site had been described  as level and it was not that would constitute a legal failing. She suggested that people make any comments they chose to.

She was unable to say at this time when development might start but made it clear that it would have to go through the normal planning process before it did.