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Sadly for us  – Brenda Oates left Bressingham at the end of May  to go and live near her son and grandson in Devon.  Brenda came to Bressingham to live in The Highlands with her husband John back in 1965.  In 1990 they moved across the road to Waveney Rise.  Sadly John only lived there 3 nights before he went into hospital and died later that year. Brenda’s two great loves are children and flowers and she not only brought up her own two children Martyn and Rosemary, but also two of her grandchildren Rowan and Jessica.

They all went to Bressingham School. Brenda was one of the first people who got the Parish involved with the Friend of Chernobyl’s Children’s Diss Branch – the charity is about bringing children aged 8-12 from Chernobyl  each year to live for a few weeks with host families in the Diss area.  She has endlessly fund raised  and helped the project.Brenda was heavily involved with the Flower Show for over 35 years ending up as President.  In those days the Flower Show was held in the school.  Brenda has also for the last 20 years been in charge of  flower arranging for Bressingham Church where many of you will have seen her beautiful arrangements. And back in 1999 she was one of the key helpers  who organized an appeal in Bressingham Village Hall for the families who fled to Albania during the Serbian massacres.   They collected over 20,000 blankets which were donated from people in the district and organized lorries to drive the provisions out there.  It was a massive operation. Bressingham Church will always remember the Oates for their generous donation which started off the “Bell Restoration Project” and lead to  the bells ringing full circle again.  We now have 6 bells one dedicated to John Oates – read more >

A big thank you too  to Brenda for all the tireless fundraising events she has organized on behalf of Bressingham Church and all her generosity and friendship.