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Leo and Philip

Leo and Philip came to live in Bressingham 8 years ago.  However they have been living and working in East Anglia for the last 40 years.  Leo had one of her first jobs in Ipswich as a nurse and it was there she met Philip who was working as an electrician. Leo was brought up in Elstree near London and so she found Ipswich a bit of a culture shock at first.

Philip too up until the age of 10 had lived in Chiswick and Battersea and took sometime to get use to being so far from London. Ipswich was very different back in the 70’s.  Their first home  in 1972 was a rented flat which had no bathroom, so they would go to the “St Matthews Slipper Baths” – a local “ public bath” to have a bath.  Their flat was also freezing cold!  There were not many properties around to rent then so in order to get  something a little larger and more comfortable they had to move to Felixstowe and that was where they started a family.  Lizzie (Elizabeth) was born in 1974 and Keziah 18 months later. Leo had a variety of nursing jobs in Felixstowe and Ipswich.  Philip worked as a laboratory technician in a local school, later working specifically with computer technology in schools. When they got their first car in 1983 one of their first trips was to take the children to Bressingham Steam Museum. As the children got a bit older Leo specialised in all aspects of wound management. In 1992 Leo’s brother who was very ill came to live with them and so they needed a larger house. It was then that they moved to Kesgrave near Ipswich. Philip was then working at Suffolk County Council Education Department, creating software and computer networks. He was later seconded to the East of England Broadband Network (E2BN) which covers the whole of East Anglia.  He is still working for E2BN for 3 days a week.

Leo retired from nursing 2 years ago after her last job in Bury St Edmunds hospital.  Up until then she had often left home at 7am and not returned until 7pm, but since then she has had more time to get to know people in the community.  Through joining a choir in Gissing she met Pam Dowling and through her joined the Parish Plan Committee and now is a member of the Parish Council.  Leo has become very involved with the Fuel Allotment Charity and supporting the Allotment Association. Leo is particularly interested in creating opportunities of bringing people in the community together at different stages in their lives. She would like to find ways of using heritage buildings, such as our church, for doing this. She would love to see a local choir in the village. Philip and Leo love walking. They have done the 200-mile coast to coast walk from St Bees in Cumbria to Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire. They also enjoy the 46-mile long Peddars Way from Knettishall Heath to Holme-on-Sea as well as local walks from their home in Bressingham Some favourite walks are to Roydon Fen and the Waveney Valley – click here for details and map.