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Linda Holly has lived  in Bressingham for 4 years.  Linda has considered East Anglia her home since childhood – (she lived in East Anglia for 5 years as a child and her mother still lives here).  Linda has lived in many countries round the world and travelled extensively. She worked for Gulf Air in Bahrain as a stewardress. It was there she met her husband Jack who is an American.  After Bahrain they briefly lived in the US and Jack’s 3 teenage sons came to live with them. Later Jack worked for the US Navy in London. When they bought a house on the edge of the fens Linda did a  BA in history at UEA and then went on to do an MA in early English history. 

It was then that Linda became interested in the historical environment.  She has spent much time researching l7th century records of  the “drainage of the fens” and the management of the landscape which was operated by the “court of sewers”.  She is interested in how language and thought eventually lead to the origins of modern capitalism. Linda is also interested in the countryside and the sustainability of land.