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Sally, Adam, Jasmine and Hazel

Sally and Adam Pankhurst came to live in Fersfield 11 years ago from Billingford. Jasmine was only 2 and Hazel was not yet born.  Now they are 13 and 10 and Hazel is still at Bressingham Primary School and Jasmine is now at Diss High School.  They live in what was once the old post office.  They love living opposite the Church Meadow.

Some time ago Rob Mellowship started the tradition during the summer months of a weekly game of rounders every Friday night.  The community space, the girls say, is a great place for meeting their friends – and especially good for playing 40/40 on! The Pankhursts like cycling – when the weather is good Hazel cycles to school and Sally cycles to her work in Banham where she is an administrative assistant.  They often cycle together to Diss along the back roads.  Adam is self employed and works from home as a wiring technician assembling control units for lithographs.