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Sam and Heidi

Both Sam and Heidi subscribe to Bressingham tennis court and love playing there. As a child Sam lived in Bressingham and went to go Bressingham Primary School and often played tennis on the Bressingham court.  He was also a member of the Bressingham Youth Club and played was in the Bressingham football team.  Sam then went onto  Diss High School.  Heidi also went to Diss High School but they did not meet until they had both left!

Sam went to University in Derby where he studied Sports and Exercise Science.  Heidi did a foundation course in design at Wentham Lodge and then went on to study shoe Design at De Mortford College in Leicester. But they have both come back to live in Diss.  Heidi has just started a job in Norwich with the Florida Group and is doing design for Van Dal footware company.  Sam is now a plasterer and general builder but teaches tennis and is a sports coach in his spare time. Sam likes teaching adults as well as children and you can contact Sam on T: 07714 706033. (Re playing tennis at Bressingham Court contact Brenda Webb on T: 01379 688375 and see the Sport section opposite).

Heidi’s shoes
Sam’s shoes