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Sharon and Dave

Sharon and Dave are new to Fersfield – they moved recently from the small village of Huntley near Ross on Wye in Gloucester. The company Dave works for (Koch Industries) sent him to work as their Finance Director for JH Bunn in Norwich which specialises in fertilisers. For the last year Dave has had to spend the week in Norwich to be close to his work and only be at home in Gloucester at weekends.  So its a very welcome change just having 40 minutes to drive to work.  Last February they began house hunting in earnest and saw 18 houses in one week.  The Fersfield house was the last one they saw!

They are both enthusiastic gardeners – which is just as well as they have inherited a large and beautiful garden from the Kinnear Kings.  They have a dog, 2 cats and 3 bantam chickens – so appreciated the space they have.Dave is a long way from home.  He was born in Kansas and the youngest of 7 children.  His company which is based in Kansas sent him over to a job in St Albans in 1991.  Sharon’s home village was Redbourn – and soon after he arrived they met through a friend in the office and got married.  Dave has lived in England ever since! Sharon was very involved in the village – she was chair of the ladies group, was on the village hall committee and did a lot of baking of cakes!  Welcome to you both and hope you will be very happy in your new home.