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The Marshalls

If you have a family of  3 horses, 3 children, 1 dog and 1 cat, it can be difficult to find a house to rent.  But the Marshall family were lucky to find such a place in Bressingham where Lynn Fox had her riding school.  They moved in last August and are really happy to be here – it was the second time they had moved in a year as the last house they rented had been condemned! But its an unusual family in that they also have 3 teachers in the family. The reason for their move from Cambridge was that Peter had been offered a headship at Ormiston Denes Academy in Lowestoft.  He was due to start in January but in September the school was placed into “special measures”, so Peter took up his post in October 2012. Tanya was running the Young Actors Company in Cambridge for 2 years but gave up her job when they moved.  She has now started a company of her own for acting workshops for children as well as a children actor agency (see her website).  This week she starts her first workshop in Bressingham Village Hall on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings see poster for more details. Rosie their daughter is a teaching assistant at a Hobart High School in Norfolk.  She has her final year doing an Open University Degree Course in Sports and English.  She hopes to train as a teacher with the Schools Direct placement scheme. Tom now 12 started at Diss High School this term.  He has been elected to the school Council. Tom has always liked acting since the age of 2, and at 5 he entered the Young Actors Company which his mother eventually worked for.  Living in Bressingham with Diss’ frequent trains to London makes it possible for him to go up to London for auditions. Harry started at Bressingham Primary school this term and has recently had his 5th birthday.  Lucky for him he was one of the l7 new pupils starting this term.