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Parish Council elections take place every 4 years..
Here’s you chance to get involved, join a friendly crew and make your mark!

Bressingham and Fersfield Parish Council has a complement of 9 Parish Councillors.
The Parish Council tries to keep a balance of members from both villages.

Contested Elections
If more than 9 members of our community stand for the 9 Parish Councillor places, a poll must take place. No-one I have spoken to can remember this happening in our community, let us know if you do.  2015 could be the year!

Uncontested Elections
If 9 members of the community or less stand for the nine Parish Councillor places they are elected unopposed and there is no poll.

If fewer than nine members stand, the Parish Council is required to appoint the remainder.

Casual Vacancies
Parish Councillor vacancies that come up during the 4 year term are filled by appointment unless 10 residents request an election

“Parish Council Elections. A Guide to Election Procedures.” South Norfolk Council 2007