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Bressingham and Fersfield Parish Council
Health and Safety Policy

This policy sets out the general principles and approach that Bressingham and Fersfield Parish Council
(the Council) follows in respect of Health and Safety legislation for activities for which the Council is
It is the responsibility of all Councillors and employees of the Council to be aware of the following
policy statements on Health and Safety and of the organisational arrangements made to implement
these policies.


  1. Bressingham and Fersfield Parish Council, in accordance with the requirements of The Health and
    Safety at Work Act (1974), and The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1998),
    accepts its duty to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for its employees. It also accepts its
    duty of care to other persons such as volunteers and contractors who work on behalf of the Council.
  2. The Council will take all reasonable steps to ensure that it complies with the law on Health, Safety and
    Welfare and any relevant Regulations, Approved Codes of Practice and Guidance.
  3. The Council will take all reasonable steps to ensure:
    3.1. That information, instruction, training, supervision, equipment and facilities necessary to
    achieve a safe working environment for employees, members of the public, contractors and
    volunteers are provided.
    3.2. That its work, in all its forms, is done in such ways that members of the public are not put at
    3.3. That arrangements are in place for the safe use, handling, storage and disposal of all
    substances and equipment that may endanger health or welfare.
    3.4. That this policy is brought to the attention of all employees, members of the public,
    contractors, volunteers and Councillors and is reviewed annually.
  4. The Council is responsible for managing safety, based on the council’s safety policy.
  5. The Clerk shall keep copies of all risk assessments, method statements and Health and Safety
    documents, in labelled Health and Safety files.
  6. All Councillors, employees, contractors and volunteers have a duty to take reasonable care for their
    own health and safety and that of any persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions.
  7. Day to day matters of Health and Safety are dealt with by the Clerk acting on behalf of the Council.
  8. Risk Assessments
    8.1. The Council will carry out risk assessment of its activities as and when necessary and review
    them annually.
    8.2. The Council will set up and monitor policies and procedures to mitigate and control any risks
    that are identified.
    8.3. The Council requires contractors to supply Risk Assessments, written Method Statements and
    Safe Systems of Work prior to starting any major works on behalf of the council.