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Bressingham Village Hall

Work on the village hall roof

You may have noticed that work is being done to our village hall roof. This work has been ongoing for several weeks now and unfortunately, removal of the tiles and felt has revealed deterioration of the roof trusses. Therefore, further work is necessary to strengthen the ageing timber structure and this will involve installation of a temporary enclosure (a ‘tin hat’) to protect the building while the roof is renovated. Installation of the enclosure will start on Monday 2nd August. As might be guessed, the additional work has significantly increased the costs of the project over the original budget.

Been Affected by Flooding?

Did you suffer flood damage during the last event in Bressingham and Fersfield? 
If you have not already reported it then please help Norfolk County Council to better understand the situation in our parish and to prepare for the next one. 
To make a report please contact:
Jenny Bloomfield (Emergency Planning Officer), tel: 01508533607

Let her know what happened to you and your property.
Thank you,
Bressingham and Fersfield Parish Council